TransWorld Surf

PS2 “Gold” Editor’s Choice
XDance Festival 2002 – Best Action Sports Video Game

Transworld Surf lets you use the moves that made guys like Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, and Shane Dorian famous. You’ll pull off massive airs, blazing tailslides, and hundreds of other mind-numbing tricks. You’ll drop into 20 of the world’s sweetest breaks and experience incredibly realistic water. Transport yourself to internationally renowned surf locales, including Hossegor, France; Fort Point, San Francisco; and Tavarua, Fiji. Hitch a ride with the Reef Girls, watch out for hungry sharks, and remember to save your best moves for the Transworld photographers who just may put you on the cover of Transworld Surf in the game. Create your own soundtrack with the 50-plus music tracks and learn how the pros do it by watching real surf videos.

TransWorld Surf is Black Sun’s first award winning game and a launch title for the XBox console. Acting as an Executive Producer, Black Sun was responsible for the initial game design and managed the developer Angel Studios.  Black Sun also provided marketing and licensing services negotiating the Transworld license, and integrating 12 Pro Surfers, 31 Surf brands and their equipment, and 80+ music tracks into the game.

PUBLISHER: Atari / Nov 2001
PLATFORMS: XBox (launch title) November 2001 | Play Station 2 May 2002 | Game Cube November 2002