App Development

Black Sun creates complete app solutions. Whether you want to develop an original IP, or find a way to create an engaging app experience for your fans using your existing content, we can make it happen, on time and on budget. Our purpose build, proprietary mobile platform can be the strong foundation for your app, and can scale as needed to suit your business needs. Post launch, we can set things up for your team to run and maintain the app using our custom cms, or we can provide these services to quickly and easily keep your app running fresh. All of our apps feature a customized look-and-feel and utilize our dynamic presentation engine to allow real time updates.

We will work with your design team to ensure your look and feel suits your branding and is forward looking. We build your app for future growth so you can easily incorporate new categories and interactive features like games, as audience demand grows. Our proprietary scripting technology allows new content, features and presentations to be added to the app in real time without time-consuming app store resubmission approvals. This allows us to make the app much more reactive and dynamic, and also much cheaper to maintain and expand. Our easy-to-use CMS and backend support allows clients or managing agents to update app content directly at any time, and send push messages as needed. Our platform utilizes a distribution network that allows users in any edge location to have a solid app experience.

Each app we make is tailored to provide an engaging and tailored creative solution for your brands story and method of storytelling. Our platform is expandable to suit any new feature or app needs, which is in contrast to most apps which are derivative and limited in their ability to expand and scale to suit your audience.

Game Development

Black Sun’s roots are in action sport gaming. We’ve worked on over 27 skate, snow, surf and music games – most notably the Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero Franchises. We offer gamification as an additional service to enhance the interactivity and stickiness or your app, either in V1.0 or for future expansion as your audience grows and wants more. Even if your project is not about gaming, a custom game is a great feature addition that compliments your brand’s message and further sets you apart from competitors.

Do you have a video game idea? We’d love to hear it!




In a world half lived in the digital realm human to human interaction is precious. Call it old fashioned but our relationships with brands, bands, athletes and influencers are real. Full stop. Our marketing and licensing capabilities are an additional service you can ask us about to enhance the popularity of your video game.

We’ve worked in all three capacities with the past clients listed below.