TransWorld Surfing

Publisher: Infogrames
Platforms: Xbox (launch title), Playstation 2, GC
Released: Nov 2001

Game Description:
Ever wonder what it’s like to boost 12 feet out or get shacked at G-Land? TransWorld Surf allows you to use the moves that made guys like Taj Burrow, Andy Irons and Shane Dorian famous to pull off massive airs, blazing tailslides and hundreds of other mind-numbing tricks.

Drop into 20 of the world’s sweetest breaks and get hooked on incredibly realistic water! Transport yourself to internationally renowned surf locales including Hossegor, Fort Point and Tavarua. Learn how the pros do it by watching real surf videos.

Create your own kickin’ soundtrack with the 50+ music tracks. Hitch a ride with the Reef Girls, watch out for the hungry sharks and remember to save your best moves for the TransWorld photographers who just may put you on the cover of TransWorld Surf in the game.

Services Summary:
– initial game design and creative direction
– ongoing creative direction and production support with developer athlete licensing and game integration
– sponsor licensing and game integration (25 companies)
– 80+ music tracks licensed

“… easily the most graphically impressive, deepest, and by and large most enjoyable surfing game to be released yet. The soundtrack is also quite impressive… Instead of falling back on a soundtrack of Dick Dale-style surf rock filler, Transworld Surf actually has eight different soundtracks that cover a variety of musical genres. So whether you prefer punk rock, alterna-rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, down tempo, or good old-fashioned surf rock, Transworld Surf has got a soundtrack for you. Transworld Surf offers a unique gaming experience that’s worth checking out” – Gamespot 8.0/10

“The actual gameplay is so fun and addictive we almost forgot the stunning graphics.” -Official Xbox Magazine 8.2/10

PSE2 “Gold” Editor’s Choice
XDance Festival 2002 – Best Action Sports Video Game