Transworld Snowboarding

Publisher: Atari
Platform: XBox
Released: Oct 02

17 beautifully detailed and realistic locations set in 5 different levels ranging from Slopestyle, Backcountry, Halfpipe, Straight Jump and Boarder Rally. Freeride or carve through locations around the world including Alaska, USA, Rocky Mountains, Finland, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Japan. Experience deep and untouched powder in the backcountry or hit insane kicker sessions in the halfpipe.
Perform tricks off of ice blocks, kickers, downed trees, cars, tables, rails, half-pipes, quarter-pipes and more. Signature grab and rail tricks for each pro rider allowing you to bust gravity-defying tricks. Boost your adrenaline meter for bursts of speed and power.
Exhaustive game modes challenging you to board in all disciplines including Single Session, TransWorld Pro Tour, Freeride, and Multiplayer King of the Hill.

Services Summary:
– athlete licensing and game integration (Tina Basich, Barrett Christy, Andrew Crawford, Daniel Franck, Kevin Jones, Peter Line, Jussi Oksanen, Todd Richards, Nicola Thost and Wille Yli-Luoma)
– sponsor licensing and game integration (29 companies)
– design and executive product management services

Reviews: Activision
“The series’ return to the purer elements of skateboarding is a welcome one, and being as there are very few missions that don’t require a skateboard, this is what we like to see…. I’d say it’s the best Tony Hawk game since THPS4, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s either a fan of the series, past or present, or who hasn’t tried out a Tony Hawk title in some time as it’s great fun.” – 8.5/10,
“While the gameplay in Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland is still sharp, and the game still looks and sounds just fine, this seventh installment just seems to lack that special spark that made the series so much fun in the first place.” –

Awards: Activision
Best Xbox Games of E3 2002
Runner Up, Best Extreme Sports Game at E3