MTX Mototrax

 Mar 12, 2004 - Games, Marketing/Licensing

Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Playstation, XBox
Released: Mar 2004

MTX: Mototrax offers the fastest motocross gaming experience that will have you accelerating around corners and flying through the air at an incredible 60 frames per second. Immerse yourself in a new, deep non-linear career mode that tests your skills and savvy as you progress through all the motocross disciplines – motocross, supercross and freestyle – to become the ultimate MX athlete.
Fully customizable experience that lets you customize your rider’s attributes as you progress and earn more hard cold cash from contest wins and sponsorships. Use the money to purchase new equipment or buy access to free ride environments complete with goals and challenges. A comprehensive online multiplayer experience on both PlayStation®2 and Xbox® that lets you challenge more than 7 other players on over 25 tracks in such varied locations as the Hawaiian Islands, the Bayou and the Australian Outback.
Authentic gear and bikes from manufacturers like Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Upgrade your power as you progress and ride 125cc and 250cc 2 stroke bikes as well as 250cc and 450cc 4 stroke bikes.

Services Summary:
– sponsor licensing and game integration (xx companies)

“MTX: Mototrax excels where it really needs to: providing that sense of speed and creating a fun driving system that rewards racers with plenty of skidding and massive jumps. The riders look like they have a sense of weight to them and the tricks look fantastic. With a well-executed online system, racing others on the Internet is a user-friendly experience” – 8.7/10

“graphically stunning…” –

“ Impossible to beat…”, “great motocross game…”, “racing force to be reckoned with…” – Play Magazine
IGN.COM Editor’s Choice Award