Guitar Hero – Warriors of Rock

 Sep 12, 2010 - Games, Marketing/Licensing

Publisher: Activision
Title: Guitar Hero – Warriors of Rock
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS
Release Date: Sept 2010

In Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, join with friends on an epic rock journey to save rock n’ roll. Featuring an impressive 90+ track set list, a totally redesigned rock-inspired guitar controller and a host of all-new gameplay features, living room legends and their friends can strum, drum and wail in the most immersive music videogame experience to date. Delivering the quintessential rock music collection that focuses on guitar shredding hits from bands such as Black Sabbath, Slipknot and Megadeth and larger-than-life band anthems from Queen, Muse and KISS, players can unleash more rewards and unlockable content than ever before.

Services Summary:
Black Sun Productions was responsible for the licensing and integration of 3 footwear brands – Vans, Doc Marten’s and Converse into the Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock game. Black Sun created and managed a multi-level sponsor partnership program, leveraging in-game product placement and branding in exchange for cross promotional support of game both pre and post launch resulting in over 15 million additional impressions for the game