Gretzky Hockey ‘05

 Nov 12, 2004 - Design/Development, Games

Publisher: Sony
Platforms: PSP, Playstation 2
Released: Nov 04

Gretzky NHL 2005 aims to challenge the skills of all hockey videogame fans with an extensive list of gameplay options that include Exhibition Mode, a customizable Franchise Mode, 16-man Tournaments, an Online Mode with USB headset functionality and downloadable rosters, Rivalry Mode, which allows you to revisit heated match-ups, and EyeToy functionality that allows players to put themselves in the game. As an added bonus, Gretzky NHL 2005 also features the Gretzky Challenge, an exclusive option that offers gamers the chance to break the 61 NHL records shared or held by “The Great One.” With success, they can exchange points for unlockable jerseys, teams and even playable Gretzkys from his days on various other teams of the past.

Services Summary:
– Worked with development team on ongoing design integration and production assistance

“Even though it’s the third game to a crowded party, Gretzky NHL 2005 has a lot of merit. It’s a good blend of fast-paced and sim-style hockey, and it’s got plenty of modes to keep gamers busy… Page 44 and 989 deserve a lot of credit for completely refurbishing the game that used to be FaceOff. With Gretzky NHL 2005, 989 is again a contender.” – 8.3/10 IGN.COM