Evolution Skateboarding

 Sep 12, 2002 - Games, Marketing/Licensing

Publisher: Konami
Platforms: Playstation 2, Xbox, GC GBA
Released: Sept 2002

Pros: Arto Saari, Danny Way, Mark Appleyard, Rick McCrank, Chris Senn, Stevie Williams, Kerry Getz, and Colin McKay

Evolve into the next step of video game skateboarding with Evolution Skateboarding. Race and pull off over 70 insane tricks in eight outlandish environments including dark castle dungeons and the futuristic streets of Tokyo. Choose from eight pro-skaters including Arto Saari, Stevie Williams, and Danny Way. A new “Boss Skate” mode allows for more thrills as you compete and fight against fantastical opponents including a giant spider racing on a truck. A two-player Head-to-Head mode, a high-energy soundtrack, and create-a-skater feature make Evolution Skateboarding a standout game experience.

Services Summary:
Black Sun Productions was responsible for the licensing and integration of 8 pro skaters and 24 action sports brands and their products into the TH American Wasteland game. Black Sun created and managed a multi-level sponsor partnership program, leveraging in-game product placement and branding in exchange for cross promotional support of game both pre and post launch resulting in over 2 million additional impressions for the game.