ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding

 Nov 12, 2000 - Games, Marketing/Licensing

Publisher: Konami
Platform: Playstation 2, GBA
Released: Nov 2000

Game Description:
In Konami’s ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding players can relive the popular alternative sport with detailed ESPN integration and identical courses from the 2001 season. Authentic broadcast angles, in-depth rider statistics, and 15 of the world’s best pro riders are just a few of the features at their disposal while other extras include real snowboarding gear, four true-to-life X Games events (including Super Pipe and Big Air), three different gameplay modes with support for up to five players, and a killer soundtrack that features Long Beach Dub Allstars, Primer 55, Goldfinger, and more.

Services Summary:
– athlete licensing and game integration (list riders here)
– sponsor licensing and game integration (xx companies)

“ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding is a great looking game that gets loads of extra points for stellar presentation and tons of game modes. The music and sound effects are good, and the overall feel of the game is a mixture of super smooth riding and slightly weird mechanics… A superb front end is backed by lots of gameplay modes, good movies, and good sound.” – 8.0/10