Burnout Revenge

 Nov 12, 2005 - Games, Marketing/Licensing

Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Playstation 2, XBox, XBox 360, PSP
Released: Nov 2005

The sequel to 2004’s racing game of the year, Burnout Revenge straps games into the fastest, most dangerous racer on the road. Fight dirty or go down in flames – the only rule is complete automotive anarchy.
Featuring multi-level tracks designed for fighting, wicked vertical takedowns, explosive new crashbreakers, new gameplay modes and wide open “crash courses” for epic crash sequences that put Hollywood to shame, Burnout Revenge redefines speed and aggression for the ultimate in vehicular combat.

Services Summary:
– sponsor licensing and game integration (9 companies)
– summer Xgames athlete promotion for game (Nate Adams)

“Burnout Revenge is one of the most exciting racing games ever made.” 9.1/10 Gamespot.com
“The (XBox360) game made some interesting refinements to the Burnout formula and was, generally speaking, totally radical. Now, Burnout Revenge is making an appearance on the Xbox 360 with better graphics, a bevy of new sound effects, and a few minor tweaks and tunings that tighten up the whole game a little bit. If you’re late to the Burnout party, this is a great time to get involved and bust up some cars.” 8.8/10 Gamespot.com