Brian Dorfman Kinesiology

 Nov 09, 2013 - Apps, Design/Development

Platforms: iOS (iTouch/iPhone/iPad), Android (4.0 and up)
Release Date: Nov 2013

Brian Dorfman has been on the cutting edge of health care and wellness since the early 1980’s. Now this app will put his knowledge in the palm of your hand. Experience simple stretches and exercises to do at home or at work, learn common sense solutions to today’s health issues, and check in with what Dorfman Kinesiology can do for you. Just like the hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes Brian has worked with, you too will gain access to the best rehabilitation methods, injury prevention advice and training guidance that Brian has to offer.

Services Summary:
This app was designed and built by Black Sun using their proprietary scripting technology, allowing udpates and new content to be added quickly and easily.

Currently available in the Apple iOS app store here –
and the Google Play Store here –


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