Black Sun Productions

Founded in 1998, Black Sun Productions LLC is a leading developer of action sport and lifestyle mobile applications and video games. From Activision’s Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero franchises to Atari’s Xbox launch title Transworld Surf, Black Sun is in a unique position to appreciate where interactive gaming comes from and where it is going.

Working in a small, independent and highly innovative team allowed Black Sun to break the mold of traditional event promotion by creating the first live action sports app cast for Vans Triple Crown of Surf event. Black Sun received further recognition when the app made for non-profit Boarding for Breast Cancer, was voted Best Breast Cancer App in 2015 and 2016 by Healthline based on quality, usability, and contribution to the community.

Black Sun has an unmatched background and understanding of what is needed to push both the marketing and product development opportunities outside the screen to deliver a hit product.

Jack Rebbetoy - CTO and Co-Founder

Jack has a rich history in starting game studios, game design, and leading development teams. He was part of the original DSI team that later became EA Canada and he was one of the co-founders of Radical Entertainment which is now owned by Activision.  Jack developed Black Sun’s mobile app platform which features our proprietary scripting technology he created. Jack still finds time to go for a skate, snowboard and mountain bike. His have-no-fear attitude keeps him busy innovating.

Lisa Hudson - President and Co-Founder

While at Black Sun, Lisa has integrated 130 athletes, 180 brands and 20 musicians/celebrities into games. She has a knack for turning a client’s pain points into app solutions, whether it’s raising health awareness or a new way to shop for jeans. As an ex-pro volleyball player and co-founder of Boarding 4 Breast Cancer, she brings deep relationships with athletes and musicians that bridge the profit/non-profit worlds. So Cal born and currently a Nor Cal resident, Lisa’s well-rounded, fun attitude proves this fast changing business isn’t just for techies.