Who We Are

Black Sun Productions LLC is a leading developer of action sports and lifestyle mobile applications and videogames. Founded in 1998, Black Sun has worked on over 27 videogames including Activision’s Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero franchises, and Atari’s XBox launch title Transworld Surf. In 2009, Black Sun expanded to include mobile app development and was the first to create a live action sports appcast for the Vans Triple Crown of Surf Event. Over the past 6 years Black Sun has created a robust mobile media/entertainment platform – Black Sun’s Mobile Brand Platform – developing 15 apps for brands, athletes and personalities for clients like Vans, Zumiez, Sega, Astro Gaming, Absinthe Films, and Airstream.

Co-founder Jack Rebbetoy has over 25 years of game/interactive development experience in all areas of production (team building, programming, tech directing, producing and designing) applied to over 40 projects. Jack has a rich history in starting games studios, game design, and leading development teams, he was part of the original DSI team that later became EA Canada and he was one of the co-founders of Radical Entertainment which is now owned by Activision . Over the past 7 years Jack created/developed Black Sun’s mobile app platform based on Black Sun’s proprietary scripting technology. Co-founder Lisa Hudson has 29 years of marketing and licensing experience working in all areas of action sports. She brings deep relationships with athletes, action sports and fashion manufacturers, musicians, and various corporate brands and promotional partners. While at Black Sun Lisa has integrated 130 athletes, 180 brands and 20 musicians/celebrities into games.

What We Do

Black Sun’s services can be broken down into two categories: product development services and marketing/licensing services. Product development services include mobile application and game development which includes game design, VR and 360 experiences, target sports/lifestyle representation, creative direction and technical design. Marketing / licensing services include athlete, music, and brand integration; action sports and corporate sponsorship and cross promotions; as well as strategic positioning and marketing direction. Black Sun has worked on all the major game consoles in the last 25 years, and is currently working on a wide range of next-gen mobile streaming and interactive apps for iOS and Android.

Black Sun Mobile Brand Platform

Our app platform is ideal for brands, influencers, athletes, filmmakers, musicians and content creators who want to engage, interact and sell to their fans directly. Once social media fans are converted to mobile app fans the audience can be monetized. Highlights of our mobile app platform includes:
· EDITABLE – our proprietary scripting technology allows new content, features and presentations to be added to the app in real time without time consuming resubmission approvals.
· CMS – Our simple CMS and backend support allows clients or managing agents to update app content directly.
· EXPANDABLE – our platform is designed to be expandable so new categories and interactive features /games can easily be added to the app when needed / desired.
· CUSTOM – Our apps feature a custom media presentation that allows for a uniquely branded mobile experience. We work with our clients design team to create a custom look and feel for the app that can be seasonally updated as needed.

Black Sun Services: Mobile

As a mobile/digital resource Black Sun’s app platform can be customized and reskinned for various businesses, providing additional revenue streams across the following silos:
· Brands – generate revenue creating custom apps for Brands plus ongoing revenue stream from support fees for app maintenance – push service, hosting, cms support and app updates for new features and refreshes.
· Experiential – create apps for interactive brand experiences at events – mini games, photo interactions, VR and 360 experiences to capture, engage and activate fans.
· Personalities/Influencers – Revenue can be generated from paid sponsor integrations and presentations, by in app purchases (IAP’s) of premium and app exclusive content, games, mini games, VR and 360 experiences, by selling signature products directly thru app, paid live feeds, and subscriptions.
· Events – create event specific apps – live feeds, participant info, media galleries, event highlights, interactive experiences and surveys. Generate revenue from sponsor integrations, data capture, IAPs, merchandise sales.

Black Sun Services: Games

Black Sun has worked for 3 decades in game development and has a wide range of experienced developers, large and small, to work on projects of any size. We can offe a range of services including:
· Game Development – We can create custom games and interactive experiences for Brands, Experiential, Event, Personalities and Influencers.
· Game Consulting and Production – We can evaluate new and existing gaming opportunities acting as an external producer reviewing design, timeline, project milestones and marketing plans to ensure IP is represented and maximized, and things are on schedule.
· Marketing and Personality Integration – We can integrate brands and influencer into existing games to maximizing revenue opportunities and exposure.